To discuss security industry issues, how-to tutorials, and research work in short easy to understand articles.

What’s with the name?

My first computer was a Commodore Vic-20; it had 3583 bytes of available memory, that’s about 1 millionth of a modern laptop. So little memory, but still so much you could do with it. While all the cool kids had a Commodore 64, the really cool ones hacked away on their Commodore Vic-20s!

I hope to be able to communicate complex security ideas in about 500-600 words – about the same amount of memory available for a whole Vic-20 program.


I have a Masters degree in Cyber Security, have presented at security conferences and have become heavily involved in security research.

I am part owner in Impression Research, a software development company that makes print management and secure workflow systems. I worked through the 1990s in a range of roles from business development to service manager for several large multinationals.

My areas of interest (and personal development) include: The correct use of cryptographic tools, techniques and processes to ensure development of secure applications; understanding and analysing issues related to AI, autonomous systems and machine learning; development of solutions related to crypto-currencies (BitCoin/Darkcoin/Dash); and hardware hacking (embedded micro-controller reverse engineering, hacking and software development).

I’ve recently started walking the road of a security researcher; it turns out there’s plenty of rocks to look under and many more things to learn!

So, 3583 BYTES FREE – Ready?