Diving Back into Blogging: A Blend of Tech, Teaching, and Tangents

Posted by on Wed, Mar 27, 2024

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Let's get out of here!
The blog’s back online, folks. I was going to mothball the blog project all together, but I saw that some of my old posts were still getting hits. So, I guess there’s still a bit of uncharted territory in the realms of cyber security, AI, and academia, that’s worth exploring together.

My hiatus wasn’t spent in hibernation; I’ve been deep in the trenches of teaching and facilitating post-graduate projects, learning as much from my students as, hopefully, they’ve learned from me.

I’ve also ended up deep in AI, working with deep learning tools and even joined some of Edith Cowan Universitie’s working groups on how we ethically and efficiently deal with AI both as on orgainsation, and in teaching and learning.

From Classroom to Blog

The journey’s been enlightening—shoutout to those incredible minds I’ve had the privilege of helping in their studies (you know who you are). Almost every student I’ve had, has been amazing. Plus, their feedback has not only honed my approach but also reinforced the belief that there’s a wealth of knowledge worth sharing beyond the university walls.

From the intricacies of network security options in the Linux kernel to the nuances of distance formulas that compare Large Language Model (LLM) embeddings, there’s a lot to cover.

Bridging Gaps

But it’s not just about the tech. As much as I revel in discussing the latest in cybersecurity measures or AI developments, there’s a broader service I might be able to provide – which is to help navigate postgraduate studies. Succeeding in research, understanding what being “at master’s level” really means, or deciphering the cryptic language of lecturers and supervisors — these are areas ripe for discussion. I hope to lend a hand with some student specific posts and discussions (drawing from the trenches of academic facilitation to offer insights, advice, and perhaps a few light-hearted anecdotes).

Why bother?

I find writing therapeutic – it helps me get my thoughts in order. Especially this “3583 byte” format where I need to keep every post brief. You don’t have to read it, don’t like it? Start your own blog.

What can you expect?

Messy Office Desk
I really need to clean my office desk
The agenda for this blog’s next chapter? Expect a mixture of technical deep dives, educational insights, and reflections on the postgraduate experience, all served with my irritating dry sarcasm.

I also plan to use it as a place to update some of my own garage lab projects, currently in development: “fail safe” power supplies for a telescope “popcorn vision” (using OpenCV to help me make the fluffiest crunchiest popcorn ever)

Stay, hang out for a bit…

Let’s face it, nobody is ever subscribing to my blog. But, if you’re passing by because your google search for that “python scraping code” sent you here, or you found me through another odd project like “popcorn vision” or FrankenWeber – then feel free to click around a bit, and if you’re really eager to engage beyond the blog, find me on Mastodon @NikolaiHampton@infosec.exchange. It’s where I share the sporadic thought, project update, or academic musing, minus the usual social media fanfare.

Here’s to the rekindled journey of sharing, learning, and, occasionally, decrypting the academic code together.